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Leopardssrilanka.com is an initiative by Sri Lanka's premier Eco / Nature & Adventure operator Eco Team (Pvt) Ltd. and it's Luxury Safari Brand – Mahoora.We strive for conservation of The Sri Lanka leopard ( Panthera pardus kotiya ), colloquially known as Kotiya , which is a subspecies of leopard native to Srilanka, by sustainable tourism projects.
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Leopards in Yala National Park - Sri Lanka

Yala National Park holds the mantle as the place to photograph and film Sri Lankan leopards as it has the highest population density of leopards living in the wild.

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Management of Human-Leopard conflict for protection of
Sri Lankan Panthera pardus kotiya

Management of the Human - leopard conflict through environmental education, establishment of a warning network, providing physical and economical solutions in Yala National Park buffer zones.
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Leopardssrilanka is a venture by Sri Lanka's premier adventure operator Eco Team (Pvt) Ltd. (Pvt) Ltd.

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